David Lynch would be proud of these gals

Ok, so it’s only the second post on this blog and I’ve already grown tired of trying to talk about myself, so I’m gonna take 5 on my own ego-massaging and promote one of my good friends, Lindsay Pratt, aka “Prattatat”, “Prattlesnake”, or the ever popular “You Sunk My Prattleship”.

I met Lindsay at music school when we both had to show up two weeks early to take the “prep course”, which is basically where they send all the kids who don’t know anything about music – at all. We then got to play together in the Songwriting ensemble, which is where I got to see what she was really all about; Brilliantly hilarious lyrics and a tremendously soulful voice. Not to mention one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, with just the right amount of filthy humour. And big boobs too. We played a couple of shows together as part of a thrown together posse we called “Plaidinum”, and the shows were a hoot. I sincerely hope I get the chance to play with her again soon.

Mitch, with the wild Prattlesnake

Lindsay moved back up north after the first year of school, and formed a band called “Twin Peaks” with her superfriend Naomi. These gals are writing witty and catchy tunes with gorgeous harmonies, and I for one, am a fan. So I was ecstatic to hear that the girls had made it through to the Top 10 in CBC’s contest Tracks On Tracks, where they’re sending one lucky band to Toronto by train, where they’ll get a spotlight in the NXNE festival. If you only vote in one online contest per decade, make this the one and vote for Twin Peaks here.



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