The Shine Shack is fully operational.

I’m lucky to live in a beautiful spot in Nelson, with a back deck so pimpin’ it makes the Hanging Gardens of Babylon look like a dingy sewer in Trenton, NJ. There’s a little hut (not a big Hutt) on the deck that I’ve always wanted to turn into a little music space, but I also have this crippling motivational problem where I like to watch Gordon Ramsay clips on Youtube instead of actually doing something productive, so the music shack dream never came to fruition.

Until now.

The catalyst for the transformation from storage shed to music shack was the addition of my new roommate, the multi-talented and 5’3″ giant of a man Edward T. He moved in at the start of May and is more motivational than the lovechild of Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey, and almost single-handedly set up the music shack which has been lovingly dubbed “The Shine Shack”. I’ll hopefully be spending a lot of time out in The Shine Shack over the next few months working on recording an EP or full length album. I’ve got a lot of really talented musician friends who I’d love to have on my recordings, so I’m looking forward to collaborating with them and making something special. Here’s some pics of the space, and my muse, who resides on the roof and wards off evil spirits.

I’ll try and keep all my loyal readers (according to the analytics on WordPress, 2 people read this – Thanks Mom and Dad!) updated with the progress on my album, and perhaps even post little snippets of the the songs, if they’re not marred by the sounds of car horns, traffic, and rabid pigeons that will inevitably bleed through into my recordings. Stay tuned.



One thought on “The Shine Shack is fully operational.

  1. love it, im a follower, all though id like to point out, midgets scare the shit out of me.
    Best wishes, parkdizzle

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