It took all of my power to resist the “Star Wipe”.

Ahoy ‘Hoy,

Well, I’m unemployed again. I had a very short stint working at a ‘loans til payday’ type place that made me feel like my self-worth was somewhere between toilet bowl residue and Pol Pot, but that’s all over now. What to do to fill my time now? Shamelessly promote myself of course!

I took the videos of my year-end showcase at Selkirk and chopped them all up into their individual songs, and put them up on my youtube channel. Despite the nagging voice in my head telling me to “Star Wipe all the things!”, I included nary a one – a decision that is still haunting me. I had a few people asking me if I had a recording of my song “Honeybee”, and while I sadly do not have a high quality recording of it just yet, hopefully watching this video while rubbing honey all over your body and “stinging” yourself with thumb tacks will provide some level of satiety.

Please enjoy, and Godspeed!


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