I’ve been neglecting the ol’ blog lately, and for this I am ashamed. I shall cut a switch and lash myself with it as a suitable punishment.

While I haven’t been updating the blog, I’ve been doing other things and keeping busy in the real world. Here’s what’s been up:

  • Took a trip home to see my parental units
  • Learning the ropes and finer points of busking
  • Breaking my back landscaping
  • Played a fun 2 hour set at the Cottonwood Market, possibly the best place ever to perform
  • Caught a groovy show by one of my favourite bands, Zeus (For fans of classic rockesque new music)
  • Found out I’ll be opening for Fish & Bird on June 1 and quickly got a band together to back me

I’ll be playing another market on June 13 here in Nelson on Baker St. I think Nelson might set a record for markets per year per capita, but I couldn’t be happier about that. The markets are filled with friendly awesome people, and great local food and crafts. Good things all around.

Also, the big news on the horizon is that I’ll be performing as part of a summer tour with another musical act, but I don’t want to say too much right now before details are solidified, so please check back every 45 seconds for updates. Thanks.



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