We’re, like, living in the future, maaaannn.

This is the second blog post I’ve done now where I’ll be gushing about a musician friend of mine. The first one is here and focussed on my pal Lindsay Pratt. This next installment of what I like to call “Talking about people who are better than me” will focus on my friend Gordon.

When I lived in Victoria, I became close friends (I will even go so far as to use the term “Superfriend”) with an outstanding musician named Gordon McGladdery (AKA “Fat Jesus McG” or simply “Fatty”). Our musical tastes were pretty close with one another’s, and casual jamming soon sprouted into a full-fledged band. That was all well and good for a few years and then we all decided to call it quits. That was certainly not the end of Gord’s steamy love affair with music though. He’s since gone on to focus on his own home recordings, he provides all the music for a seriously cool youtube series, he’s written music for a couple of documentaries, and he won a full scholarship to Vancouver Film School for Sound Design. I’m probably forgetting a few things too, like the time he trained a bald eagle to toast bagels for him. Yeah.

Fatty’s music makes frequent twists and turns and drives forward with a frenetic momentum that’s as unpredictable as it is catchy.  Odd meters, unusual harmony, epic build-ups, and the use of unique and interesting sounds have become the trademarks of his style, which I would describe as somewhere between Post-rock/electro/folk. Yes, that will do. But we’ll call it “Poroctrolk” from here on out for clarity’s sake.

Gord recently messaged me to see if I’d play some Omnichord on one of his new songs, and it turned out quite nicely. He’s graciously credited me on the track, even though I did hardly anything at all. Nice guy. It felt real cool to be able to collaborate with an old friend over the intertubez, and caused me to proclaim the title of this blog post for 10 minutes to my uninterested roommate.

So check out Gordon’s fantastic poroctrolk, and who knows, maybe you’ll be the next amazing music friend I gush about (probably not).



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