Twin Cans summer tour recap

The Twin Cans/Tall Peaks tour just wrapped up a couple days ago with our final show in Prince George, and I’m sitting here thinking about everything that’s happened over the last month, and I’m really blown away. The tour with the amazing Twin Peaks went smashingly. There were no major (or even minor) disasters, much fun was had, and we only moderately detested each other by the end of it! And touring with two gals taught me a lot about some pretty crucial subjects, like haircare and yeast infections.

Here’s a little rundown of some highlights:

FAVOURITE VENUE: The Snoring Sasquatch in Creston, BC. It’s an amazing room in a town that loves live music, with two flawless hosts, Paul and Shelley. The close runners up are The Blue Loon in Clearwater BC and The Rolla Pub in Rolla BC.

FAVOURITE PURCHASE: “Whistlin’ Dixie: A dictionary of Southern expressions”. Contains such gems as “He’s mad as a pig on ice with his tail stuck in” and “He’s all vine and no potatoes”. Found at a thrift store in Quesnel for $0.50. (NOTE TO SELF: SEND NAOMI MONEY TRANSFER FOR $0.50)


FAVOURITE FOOD: Snickerdoodles.

FAVOURITE DRUNKEN FAN: “Bear”, with a close 2nd place being awarded to “Butch”.


MOMENT I WAS TIRED OF TALKING ABOUT BREASTS: August 4, approximately 10:30 PM.

With all that silliness being said, I do feel that I have to mention how overwhelmed I was by the generosity of everyone who opened their homes to us and fed us along the way. It’s truly amazing how kind people are, and it definitely warmed my heart-cockles. Thank you so much to everyone who put us up, fed us, and came out to our shows. It really couldn’t have happened without all your support.