It was a pretty hectic summer, musically speaking. I was kept quite busy with quite a few gigs around Nelson and a splendid tour with Twin Peaks, and lately I’ve just been relaxing and working on a few odds and ends. I’ve recently moved from the sloped town of Nelson to Courtenay, on Vancouver Island in the Comox Valley. It’s beautiful here, but a little frustrating to have to find a whole new circle of friends and musicians.

As a result, my days have been spent job-hunting, reading the interminable book that is “Atlas Shrugged”, and trying to think of stupid things to post to my Twitter account. I’ve also been woodshedding and brushing up on my jazz chops in preparation for a loungey type gig that I’ve got with a friend down in Victoria, and looking forward to a recording session in late October with my good bud Gord AKA “A Shell In The Pit”.

So things are percolating, but it’s more a trough than a peak right now. Check out my Youtube channel to see a few videos I’ve done to show off some Travis Picking stuff, and also a folky cover of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”. I promise more excitement soon…

God’s Peed.


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