Jazzmatazz and getting over a fear of public transit.

Greetings many readers,

I’m sure you’ve all been frothing at the mouths for another fascinating update. Actually, the analytics from this site say that no one actually reads this, but anyway…

Where we last left off I was boning up (is it still publicly acceptable to say that? Was it ever?) on my jazz chops for a gig down in Victoria with my friend Ben (click the link, do it. I’ll wait. Do it), that I met at school. So I loaded up a bit of gear and hit the road for Victoria. I was heading down a few days before the gig, so as to allow us a few rehearsals and also to see a performance by one of the my favourite bands, Ladyhawk. On my way down there I picked up my first hitch-hiker ever (Hi Brooksy!) and also contemplated how awesome it would be to compile a medley of Roger Milller’s finest yodel-scat solos.

The gig with Ben went swimmingly. It was at a private club in downtown Victoria, in a really old, beautiful, ornate building that could best be described as having decor similar to that of the Titanic (except disaster wasn’t looming….I don’t think). It’s pretty neat to be playing some old jazz standards that were written back in the 20’s. I also picked up a loop station pedal in Vic, so I’ll be putting use to that soon.

This past weekend, I ventured to Vancouver, braving multiple methods of public transit to get to my friend Gord’s cozy recording studio. He’s my old roommate and superfriend that I blogged about a while back, and he had a rare two-day window where we could work on recording a few of my tunes. Gordie’s getting ears that are so sharp Spock would be jealous, so I think the recordings will sound great when they’re finished, which probably won’t be until 2013 unfortunately. Since I’m not able to get back to Vancouver for another “ReGording” session anytime soon, here’s a teaser of my song Honeybee to keep you tantalized.



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