Greetings to my tens of readers!

I’ve spent the last 3 weeks or so working on my most daunting musical task yet: Scoring a film. I did take a Film Scoring course as part of my Composition major, where we would be given projects to work on, but this was my first foray into the real world, as it were. When I was offered the opportunity and I accepted and began work, I felt the following emotions in this order: Excitement, confusion, nervousness, anxiety, frustration, and gassiness (I think I ate too many Mandarins….the oranges, not the people). I’m done work on it now, and learned a lot from the process.

It’s a short student fim done by classes at Vancouver Film School, and it’s called The Brothers Rapture. It’s set in the universe of the popular vidya game Bioshock, and since I don’t game anymore after I got over my crippling Tetris addiction in ’94, I first had to educate myself on what a Bioshock is. I’m still not sure. Something to do with Ayn Rand, I think. It had been a while since I had collaborated with someone as closely(not in a geographical sense) as I did with the director, Shaun, and it was a really positive experience. Ever since my old band broke up, I’ve been a bit of a lone wolf, so it was great to work with someone and build on their ideas.

Though it was somewhat stressful at times, I’m already really looking forward to tackling my next project. I don’t know where The Brothers Rapture will be shown, or how any of that stuff works, but I hope you all get to see it soon because I think it’s really well done, with some really strong performances in it. Like, better than Meryl Streep and Marlon Brando’s illegitimate lovechild, who I think would be named Merlon. Or possibly Maryl.

I’ll try and get all you rabid fans a clip soon. Until next time, remember that life’s too short to listen to bad Clapton, and Godspeed!


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