2012: Retrospecticus

Aloha legions of fans,

We’re now a few solid and irrevocable weeks into a new year, and I feel like it would be a prudent time to ruminate on the one that has just passed. 2012 held many peaks and a few valleys, but for the most part was a positive year for me. Being the way that I am, I love to partition my optimism and pessimism, my pros and cons, and my triumphs and defeats, and this Retrospecticus will be indeed be segregated as such. Let’s get the negative Nancy bit out of the way first.


  1. A small flurry of health concerns reared their ugly heads in March-April, I’m guessing mostly due to the stress of the end of the school year and the overall toll that 2 years of musical school and accompanying partying will do to a fella. In the span of a few weeks, I had Shingles (thankfully nowhere the general public could see……that’s right, it was on my butt), Heart Palpitations that made me think my heart was going to burst out of my chest like that scene from Alien (or was it Adventure Time?), and perhaps this is oversharing, but I found a small lump on one of my man-nuggets. That last affliction was definitely the most alarming, and resulted in an urgent trip to the doctor that involved one of my most intimate instances of Show and Tell, to use the good Doctor’s words. The lump is benign, and has since been named Herman.
  2. I suppose all good things must come to an end, but moving away from Nelson and all  of the stellar people I met there was truly difficult. I’ve especially been experiencing withdrawal when I think about the amazing crop of musicians around there, which definitely includes my wicked trio members Edward T and Patty Pants. I think my ladyfriend and I would both like to get back there some day, but for now I’m enjoying being back on Vancouver Island and making frequent trips to Victoria to see my brother.
  3. It’s been a really financially unstable year, and frankly, it’s really tough to make any sort of money off of music and I get frustrated about being broke as fuck. I’m not going to whine about that anymore though, I’ll just make a concerted effort to change it.


  1. The completion of music school was a huge check on my to-do list that I had been meaning to finish for quite some time. To graduate from the program, coughcough with honours coughcough, felt fanfriggintastic.
  2. I couldn’t possibly omit the highly successful and fun Twin Cans tour with the lovely ladies of Twin Peaks. We had such a great time everywhere we went (possibly with the exception of Quesnel. Sorry Quesnel.), and we’re really looking forward to doing it again soon, but more on that in a later post…..
  3. I scored a film…? Really? Me? Can I do that? I guess so. A few years back when I was talking to work colleagues about my decision to go to music school, I would mention that there was even a film scoring course that I could take, but I really doubted that I would ever tackle anything like that IRL. Who knew? I’ve now seen the finished version of the film, and it came out awesome. It should be made public soon and I’ll be sure to let you know where you can view it.
  4. I began teaching guitar lessons in earnest. Throughout the years I’ve done quite a few little informal lessons here and there with friends and what have you, but I’ve really enjoyed delving into the world of more professional, structured instruction. The funny thing is that I actually learn quite a bit from the lessons as well, like how to be a better teacher.

There’s a cursory glance at the last solar cycle, and I’m already excited about how 2013 is progressing. I’ve made some serious lifestyle changes that I’m already reaping the benefits of, and I’m looking forward to 2013 being a jam-packed and healthier year.



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