The Paralysis of Choice: A 21st Century + 1st World Problem

As mentioned in my last post (which my analytics have informed me no one has read yet. Saving it for a special occasion, eh? Oh you’re in for a treat!), I’m attempting to be more healthy and fit this year. Years of looking in the mirror and seeing a flabby man-child staring back are nearing an end, although there will probably be days when I miss the insulation my spare-tire has afforded me.

I’m currently following a workout regimen by super-celeb fitness guru Jillian Michaels, which my ladyfriend has informed me may be mostly directed at members of the population with two x chromosomes. I don’t really care though, as the results are astounding; I’ve already lost a cup-size and my ovaries feel stronger than ever. The only issue I’ve experienced is a certain ennui caused by working out to the same music day after day. I like to get my shred on to electro-rockish stuff like Ratatat, LCD Soundsystem (45:33 is a near perfect album), and Justice, but after a few listens I get bored, and it affects my pump. Also, it just seems that there’s too much music out there sometimes, and it’s like when you fire up Netflix, and you’re faced with just too many great choices (but inevitably you end up watching Boondocks).

Lamenting this White Whine to my brother, he informed me of a site called What The Fuck Should I Listen To Now? It’s been really helpful in finding new music of a similar vein to what I like, and it’s so simple a “Real” Housewife of Vancouver (or any city really) could use it. Just plop in the name of a band you’re diggin’, and it’ll shit out a band that its computer brain has calculated you should probably maybe sorta like. I plopped in Ratatat the other day, it shat out a band called Copy. So I listened to to them while I lifted my 2lb weights, and when this song came on, I felt like I was in the video game Double Dragon and I started doing crazy roundhouse kicks and broke several lamps in my living room! It was amazing!

So if you’re stuck for new music, give that site a try and see how accurate its algorithms are. Shit, I think I just came up with an awesome band name: The Al Gore Rhythms. Googling it…….., yep, I’m unoriginal.



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