Tall Cans EP – Coming Soon(ish)!

I know that I’ve mentioned before that I should have some recordings coming soon to share with all of you. And yes, I know that was in my blog post about my old space, lovingly referred to as The Shine Shack. And yes, I know that post was in June of last year. Just get off my back already. So where’s the tunes?

They’re coming. For reals this time. Last summer I got caught up with my newfound love of busking, and touring ate up a decent amount of time too. I did manage to get a good start on some tracks, but they sat dormant for a few months until I picked them up again this past December. I’ve now got 4 songs finished and sent off for mastering, and I should have another 2 finished within the next few weeks.

The truth is, I’ve been getting bored of recording by myself at home. When my old band recorded, we recorded ‘off the floor’ in a live setting, with everyone playing at once which I think generated a much more pure and true sound. I miss collaborating with other musicians and bouncing possibly insane ideas off of each other. I’m also not terribly technically savvy when it comes to recording either, I don’t have fantastic equipment, and I tend to hold myself to too high of standards. It’s like trying to build the Large Hadron Collider using only materials found in your junk drawer.

Excuses aside, I’ve decided to not let perfect be the enemy of good. Perfection will never be attained (especially not by me), so why fritter away attempting to deliver it? The Tall Cans EP will be available by late April in a solely digital format, because who seriously still buys CDs these days? I’ll give you some samples to whet your appetite as we draw nearer to the release date and I’ll share some cover art with you as soon as I see it myself.



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