First song off the EP is available for download!


I’ve been posting a bit lately about my forthcoming EP, and I had some lofty ideas about an “Album Release” for the project. However, in the words of my good friend Gordon, the days of the album release are going like Pope Benedict’s employment. Ok, I paraphrased that a bit, but the sentiment is accurate.

So I’ve decided that I’ll release a trickle of songs over the next month or so, leading up to the Spring Tour with Twin Peaks, at which time all songs should be available for download. And yes, this will be a strictly digital affair, because if the album release is gone like Pope Benedict, then the CD went out a long time ago with Pope John Paul II. Don’t get me wrong, I like physical releases like CDs and records. I love looking at the artwork, reading who played on the album and who produced, and reading the lyrics, but at this time it seems as though the CD is an antiquated notion.

I’m also taking a page out of Radiohead’s book, and releasing this EP on a ‘Pay What You Want’ basis. If you’re broke and can’t afford to pay anything, please don’t let that stop you from hearing my tunes, and if you’re loaded and have a different Lambo for each day of the week, please don’t let that stop you from paying off my student loans. I really appreciate each and every cent that comes my way.

The first song released is called “The Teetotaler’s Waltz”, the story of a curmudgeonly fellow who breaks out of his shell…because he got drunk.  Inspiring, I know. Here’s the link to download The Teetotaler’s Waltz. The next tune should be released shortly!



EP Teaser

A week or two ago I wrote about the upcoming Tall Cans EP, and at the risk of making it sound like a bowel movement, it is taking shape and release should be imminent. But as the old adage declares, the proof is in the pudding.

I’ve compiled a little teaser to give you a small taste of some of the tracks I’ve been toiling away at. Some of these tunes are still be tinkered with, but you can only polish the turd so much as they say. I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean for this post to be so scatological, but I suppose I’m in good company.

Without further adieu, here is a link to the EP Teaser. Please have a listen and hopefully it will engender some positive emotions of some kind deep within the recesses of your being. Or maybe you’ll think it sounds like poop.



Tour de Fun 2013 – Twin Cans are back!

2013 has thus far been a year of ‘firsts’ for me. For the first time ever I recently ate something called a jicama (save yourself some embarrassment and know that the ‘j’ is silent), I got my hair did at a salon for the first time because I’m a fancy boy, and I bought and wore my first ever pair of purpley-maroonish jeans. Stepping out of the house that day was difficult. But in a year of such Earth-tremblingly major developments, it’s comforting to know that I can go back to something familiar.

That something is…(ellipsis for dramatic effect)… Touring with the gals of Twin Peaks! Yes, we had a such a splendid time last summer and surprisingly enough didn’t hate each other by the end of it, so we’re gonna relive the dream. I’m looking forward to seeing if Lindsay has improved her iPhone navigation skills (“We’re the blue dot Lindsay, and we want to get to the red dot, mmmkay?), whether or not Naomi will be joining me on my daily work-out routines, and I’m especially interested in determining if my cat-whispering skills are really legit, or if last year was just a fluke. Seriously, all those cats loved me and couldn’t wait to get up on my lap for some pets. I think it was my musk.

I’ll crank out some more details and get dates posted as they’re confirmed, but for now I’ll satiate you by telling you that it looks like we’ll be playing some of the same places we hit last summer, and stopping off at some new towns too. The whole thing should play out from late April to late May, and we’d be ever so pleased if you came out to share an evening with us on what I’m dubbing our Tour de Fun.


Pondskipper Tutorial and Tabs


After my tune Pondskipper was featured in that Smarter Every Day video, I was completely inundated by people asking for tabs and a tutorial. Actually, I think it was only 3 people, but it was still overwhelming and triggered a mild panic attack mixed with a light sense of euphoria.

I’ve always wanted to share my music and have other people play it too, so I’ve done up a tab and a youtube video with a quick (and rambling) explanation. I found a free guitar tab editing software called TuxGuitar which is pretty handy, and I used that to spit out a tab. Here’s the goods:

Youtube Tutorial

Tab in PDF format   – Sorry about the rough quality of it, but PDFs don’t come out of TuxGuitar lookin too pretty.

TuxGuitar Tab

Please Enjoy, and Godspeed!

Pondskipper and Smarter Every Day


You may recall a while back that I went to Vancouver to have a recording (or was it reGording) session with my good friend Gordon of A Shell In The Pit. To be perfectly forthright, we didn’t accomplish as much as I would have liked, but that’s probably because we were busy catching up after almost 3 years of not seeing each other in the flesh. Yes, I mean naked.

We did manage to get a few little acoustic ditties laid down though, one of which is a jaunty  little number that was dubbed ‘Pondskipper’. Gordon does all the music and sound for a very popular Youtube series called Smarter Every Day, which is produced by a charming gent named Destin, who seems to possess an infectious sense of curiosity and a big ol’ brain too. If you watch a few of his vids, you’ll probably fall in love with him, and possibly his adorable family too . My ladyfriend says she has a “heart-on” for him and his family (TMI?).

Destin did a really fascinating video about butterflies and their mating procedures and used my tune Pondskipper, which is pretty neato. Give the video a like if you’re so inclined, and if you’d like to purchase the tune, you can do so on my Bandcamp page.