Pondskipper and Smarter Every Day


You may recall a while back that I went to Vancouver to have a recording (or was it reGording) session with my good friend Gordon of A Shell In The Pit. To be perfectly forthright, we didn’t accomplish as much as I would have liked, but that’s probably because we were busy catching up after almost 3 years of not seeing each other in the flesh. Yes, I mean naked.

We did manage to get a few little acoustic ditties laid down though, one of which is a jaunty  little number that was dubbed ‘Pondskipper’. Gordon does all the music and sound for a very popular Youtube series called Smarter Every Day, which is produced by a charming gent named Destin, who seems to possess an infectious sense of curiosity and a big ol’ brain too. If you watch a few of his vids, you’ll probably fall in love with him, and possibly his adorable family too . My ladyfriend says she has a “heart-on” for him and his family (TMI?).

Destin did a really fascinating video about butterflies and their mating procedures and used my tune Pondskipper, which is pretty neato. Give the video a like if you’re so inclined, and if you’d like to purchase the tune, you can do so on my Bandcamp page.



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