Pondskipper Tutorial and Tabs


After my tune Pondskipper was featured in that Smarter Every Day video, I was completely inundated by people asking for tabs and a tutorial. Actually, I think it was only 3 people, but it was still overwhelming and triggered a mild panic attack mixed with a light sense of euphoria.

I’ve always wanted to share my music and have other people play it too, so I’ve done up a tab and a youtube video with a quick (and rambling) explanation. I found a free guitar tab editing software called TuxGuitar which is pretty handy, and I used that to spit out a tab. Here’s the goods:

Youtube Tutorial

Tab in PDF format   – Sorry about the rough quality of it, but PDFs don’t come out of TuxGuitar lookin too pretty.

TuxGuitar Tab

Please Enjoy, and Godspeed!


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