EP Teaser

A week or two ago I wrote about the upcoming Tall Cans EP, and at the risk of making it sound like a bowel movement, it is taking shape and release should be imminent. But as the old adage declares, the proof is in the pudding.

I’ve compiled a little teaser to give you a small taste of some of the tracks I’ve been toiling away at. Some of these tunes are still be tinkered with, but you can only polish the turd so much as they say. I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean for this post to be so scatological, but I suppose I’m in good company.

Without further adieu, here is a link to the EP Teaser. Please have a listen and hopefully it will engender some positive emotions of some kind deep within the recesses of your being. Or maybe you’ll think it sounds like poop.




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