First song off the EP is available for download!


I’ve been posting a bit lately about my forthcoming EP, and I had some lofty ideas about an “Album Release” for the project. However, in the words of my good friend Gordon, the days of the album release are going like Pope Benedict’s employment. Ok, I paraphrased that a bit, but the sentiment is accurate.

So I’ve decided that I’ll release a trickle of songs over the next month or so, leading up to the Spring Tour with Twin Peaks, at which time all songs should be available for download. And yes, this will be a strictly digital affair, because if the album release is gone like Pope Benedict, then the CD went out a long time ago with Pope John Paul II. Don’t get me wrong, I like physical releases like CDs and records. I love looking at the artwork, reading who played on the album and who produced, and reading the lyrics, but at this time it seems as though the CD is an antiquated notion.

I’m also taking a page out of Radiohead’s book, and releasing this EP on a ‘Pay What You Want’ basis. If you’re broke and can’t afford to pay anything, please don’t let that stop you from hearing my tunes, and if you’re loaded and have a different Lambo for each day of the week, please don’t let that stop you from paying off my student loans. I really appreciate each and every cent that comes my way.

The first song released is called “The Teetotaler’s Waltz”, the story of a curmudgeonly fellow who breaks out of his shell…because he got drunk.  Inspiring, I know. Here’s the link to download The Teetotaler’s Waltz. The next tune should be released shortly!



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