I am a child of the 80’s.

Greetings and salutations,

What has two thumbs and an unabashed love for the cheesy music of the 80’s? Well, presumably quite a few people, but more specifically – Me. It’s true. I love to get down to some Glass Tiger, Foreigner, and if no one’s looking, I might even bust out some Culture Club. But there’s one prominent 80’s band that trumps all the others…

I think the movie “Back To The Future” was a big catalyst for me being interested in guitar. I really, really wanted to be Michael J Fox when I was growing up. That opening scene where Marty plugs a dinky little yellow ukelele-ish thing masquerading as a guitar into an amp and speaker that’s bigger than my car, strikes one huge power chord and is flung backward was always one of my all-time favourites. What follows is also great: The song “The Power of Love” by the best 80’s band of them all – Huey Lewis & The News.

They had it all – super catchy songs, killer horn interludes (which any 80’s band worth their salt should have), and great guitar solos. To this day, I still throw on tunes like “I Want A New Drug” or “Hip To Be Square” while I’m doing chores. I wouldn’t say I’m their biggest or most obsessed fan, but I do enjoy their “sheen of consummate professionalism”.

I’ve been toying around with a folky cover of “The Power of Love”, and this morning I did a really quick and rough recording of it. Here it is! I hope to play this on my spring tour (for which I’ll be posting dates soon!), so come out to a show and hear it in person.



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