Tour de Fun 2013 Update I (That’s Roman for “one”)

Ahoy ‘hoy from cold and snowy Fort St John,

Well, we’re at it again. The gals of Twin Peaks and I have been reunited and it feels so good. I arrived here about a week ago, and was met at the airport by the unofficial Tall Cans Fan Club (hereafter referred to as the TeeSeeEffSee). Their membership may be small but their spirit is enormous.

We had a few of our typical informal practices,  a warm-up gig at a senior’s residence, and then we rocked the heck out of the sold out Lido Theatre. At the time of the show I was feeling pretty miserable with what I had dubbed a “hangover of teenage proportions”, but the show was a smashing success, so thank you to all who came out. Point of interest: I wasn’t just hungover, turns out I had contracted a nasty stomach flu at some point, and that coupled with the hangover made my guts feel really special. I’ve since spent the past 3 or 4 days recuperating on the couch, surviving on gatorade and soda crackers.

That’s out of the way now though, and the gals and I are ready to hit the road to Rolla tonight, where we’ll be playing our first out of town show of the tour. The Rolla Pub is a national treasure, and I’m ecstatic to be visiting it again.

Future tour goals include but are not limited to:

1. Somehow dislodging the song “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from my brain. If you clicked that link, it’s now in your head too. Sucker.

2. Finding time to visit a walk-in clinic to get my ears flushed. Something has been rattling around in one of them for a while now. I’m hoping it’s a nest of spider eggs or something equally noteworthy.

3. Spending those long hours in the van learning to sing the entire West Side Story soundtrack in a Tuvan Throat Singing style. Sorry in advance to the Twin Peaks gals.

After Rolla, we’re off to Prince George, Vernon, and Salmon Arm/Sunnybrae. Hope to see some friendly faces along the way.



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