Tour de Fun Tour Update II (that’s not eleven.)

Aloha from sunny Salmon Arm.

Since the last post we’ve played shows in Rolla, Prince George, and Vernon, and all have gone swimmingly. Here’s some notes:

-We had great turnouts at the Rolla Pub and at Nancy-O’s in PG (which is a great venue that you should check out if you can), and we had an especially intimate show in Vernon playing to the 4 or so superfans who showed.

-The new tour mobile, a ’99 Astro Van named Samuel L. Vanson (I know, it’s not a very good name) has performed admirably thus far. There’s been a couple of long days driving and he hasn’t put up a fuss. I’m working on coming up with a better name but the girls seem resistant to the idea.

-Lindsay continues to irritate all by narrating her web browsing on her iPad so that we can follow along with her enthralling surfing of the internet. “Oh, hmmmm, look at that link on facebook…..hmmmmm, wow. Ok, I’ll click that…”  Just kidding….mostly.

-We’ve all etched out our own role in the Touring Family. It’s been decided that Naomi is the Tour Mom (takes care of business), I’m the troublesome and slightly emo Tour Teenage Son (apparently I can be a downer from time to time), and Lindsay is the Tour Baby. It works.

All in all, we can’t complain. We’ve got some beautiful weather and a busy week of 6 shows coming up. If you want to see some photos of our adventures so far, find Twin Peaks on Facebook and check out the album.

Godspeed until next time.



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