Tour de Fun Update III (in which I incessantly mock Twin Peaks)

Good day,

Since the last update, we’ve played 5 shows and all have been interesting in their own way. A common theme we’re coming across is people doing what they love, and succeeding at living their dreams. Pretty inspiring stuff. Here’s some recaps from the week:

-We played a house concert in Sunnybrae, which was one of our favourite stops from last year, and this year didn’t disappoint either. We had another great crowd, we played great, and we got to do a CD swap with Mike and Steph from the fantastic band A Million Dollars In Pennies. Check them out for sure.

-The next night we found ourselves in Armstrong, playing an awesome new venue called The Wild Oak Cafe. If you ever find yourself in the North Okanagan/Shuswap, do yourself a favour and stop in for some great food and ambience.

-The next two nights we revisited another favourite stop from last year, The Blue Loon in beautiful Clearwater. We actually did something moderately active there too – an 8km hike to Helmcken Falls in Wells Grey park. Our second show was marred by a guitar that was acting up, which sent me into a slight rage spiral. I’m better now. The next day I was awakened by a wasp stinging me, so that’s the best wake up of the tour so far.

-Last night we were in Enderby, playing at The Cliffs Bistro. Just upstairs from the venue is a sweet little shop of art, knick-knacks, funky clothes, and general curiosities. It’s called Imaginarium Penthouse Boutique, and you should definitely go treasure hunting there if you’re in the area.

Ok, as promised, here’s the part where I make fun of my tour mates, Twin Peaks. It’s all in good fun, and they’ve said that they won’t hate me for posting this. The girls recently won a Vancouver Island Music Award for BC Wide Artist Of The Year, and subsequently did an interview with a newspaper that yielded a few humourous soundbites. So one night during our typical evening chit-chat session, I whipped up a few memes using some of the quotes. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

addtext_com_MTIyOTE1NjUwNA addtext_com_MTIyNTAxNjQ4OQ addtext_com_MDIyMzU4MTk2Nw addtext_com_MDIxNTE2MTk2Mw addtext_com_MDIxMjE3MTk2MA


Oh, we have fun.




One thought on “Tour de Fun Update III (in which I incessantly mock Twin Peaks)

  1. Can’t wait ’til Twin Peaks gets back up north. They are coming to Diamond Willow Retreat as soon as we can set up a date. They are pure talent with a sense of humour:D

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