Tour de Fun Update IV (The one where we do more stuff, and things too)

Happy Wednesday (at least I feel like it’s Wednesday), 

I’m sitting here in a city that boasts the best drinking water in the world, and a pretty rad band named themselves after it too. If you guessed that I’m in Skookumchuck…’re wrong. I’m in Chilliwack. Here’s some more point form updates to keep you in loop:

-We played a show in Kamloops at an awesome venue called The Art We Are. Unfortunately, the performance was partially impaired by a table full of Chatty Kathy’s. Now, if you’re out at a show and everyone else is being quiet and enjoying the music, then maybe you should join the club. Sorry if that came off as overly bitchy. We still had fun there.

-Our show in Chilliwack was cancelled, but there’s always a silver lining. In this case it was that the cancellation allowed us to spend a few days in Kelowna, staying in a camper on the shores on Okanagan Lake. Pretty sweet. We also got to spend some time laying down some tracks for the upcoming Twin Peaks album, which will probably be called “God, we wish Mitch was in the band”.

-The recording was done with a great musician and friend, Barry Mathers. I’m hoping Barry will adopt me, because he has the sweetest guitar I’ve ever played in my life and I want it to be bequeathed to me. If the adoption thing doesn’t work out, I might have to marry into the family…

-We spent yesterday doing a video and photo shoot with the fantastic Chilliwack based photographer/videographer Sarah Sovereign. Hopefully we’ll be able to share the videos and photos with you soon, and then you can all see why people are constantly mistaking me for Ryan Gosling.

The next show is in Vancouver tomorrow night, and we’re hoping that us small town yokels make it out of the big city unscathed and with all our van windows intact. Wish us luck.




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