Tour de Fun VI (The one where we finish touring and go “home”)

Holy neglected blog. I guess I took on too much of the laidback Saltspring Island vibe and forgot about technology for a little over a week. So before some concerned citizen calls the Ministry of Bloggage and demands that my neglected blog is placed in the stewardship of the state, I will now provide you with the final update from the Twin Cans Tour de Fun 2013.

-The show on Saltspring Island was amazing. We played at a 40th birthday house party for our host, Richard, who partied so hard we all thought he was only 38. I’d like to say that we thoroughly explored the island during our day off after the night of the show, but in truth we all spent most of the day recuperating from drinking litre upon litre of what was dubbed “Fruity Boozy Punch”. I personally call it “Concentrated Headache Fuel”, and I think Naomi calls it “Vision Doubler”. Our host’s better half Mel operates a preserves business called Simply Salty that you should check out if you’re ever over on the island.

-Our show in Nanaimo was cancelled, so we had a couple of days off to vegetate temporarily. We headed down to Victoria, where the girls got their ‘hurr did’ (for the ebonically-challenged, that means haircuts), and we prepped for our house concert at Naomi’s cousin Zoe’s place. The turnout to the house concert was less than overwhelming, but I’d like to think that a good time was had by all, and I’m especially grateful that some of our audience members downloaded an applause app that made us all feel like we were playing to a woodstock-sized crowd.

– After Victoria we scooted up island to catch the ferry over to the idyllic Quadra Island. En route we stopped off in Courtenay where I picked up my guitar, thus ending the “Guitar Woes Tour of 2013”, and not a moment too soon. On Quadra, we played and stayed at the Heriot Bay Inn, and it’s hard to imagine a more perfect island getaway destination. The show was a lot of fun, as was sunning and alcoholizing our bodies the next day.

– After Quadra we caught the boat back over to the bigger island and headed to the Rewind Coffeebar for our last official show of the tour. And what a show it was – We shared the night with the wonderful Brodie Dawson, and joined her onstage for a couple of her tunes too.

-We then made our way to Kelowna to do some more recording for the next Twin Peaks album, and played a super fun informal campfire show on the shores of Okanagan Lake with Barry Mathers’ new band (who are as of yet unnamed, but hopefully you’ll hear them and know their name soon).

After that, there was really nothing left to do but get our butts back up north to Fort St John, where I’ll be an honorary resident for the next 3 weeks. I’ve been assured that it’s impossible to leave this town once you stay here for a while, mostly due to the relative affluence, so wish me luck on my escape.

To fill the time before the next tour starts in late June, I’ll be playing the Strawberry Jam on June 4th, Twin Peaks will be opening for Picture The Ocean on June 7, we’ll be playing out at Sweetwater 905, and probably doing some additional musicking elsewhere too. Check out the “Shows” tab on my website for the next leg of the tour.


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