Twin Cans #drtynflrty Tour Update Zero: The Prologue

We’re at it again. The spring Tour De Fun™ met with a modicum of success, so we figured “Hey, let’s do that thing where we drive around a lot and play music occasionally again”. We did have 3 weeks of downtime during which I learned quite a bit about the bustling metropolis of Fort St John. My days were spent pondering which are more numerous there: massive trucks or baby strollers? I also endeavoured to count all the potholes in town, but then I realized you can’t possibly count to infinity.

We did play a few shows while we were up there, which helped me maintain sanity. Here’s the ever-popular point form recap:

– We opened a show for Edmontonians Picture The Ocean at sometimes music venue called The Stude. We had a great time playing and hanging out with them, and I only had their music stuck in my head for the next 5 days, so that’s good.

– A few days later we played what may just be the Fort St Johniest gig there ever was: The Mud Bogg. That’s not a typo, the rotary council has decided that one “g” in bog just doesn’t look tough enough. This gig had it all: Big trucks that necessitated ear protection, mud being flung several kilometers in the air, ample Canadian Tuxedos, and a strong wind that blew my guitar off of a trailer and gave it several new beauty marks and gave me a minor conniption.

– I had my first ever festival experience playing Sweetwater 905 out in the fields of Rolla BC. The gals had played it the year before so they were seasoned veterans, but I had to be quick on my feet to learn how to cope with intermittent torrential downpours, uncomfortable sleeps, and a near-overload of awesome music.

-The day after the festival ended we were asked by Ted Russell Kamp if we would be his pickup band for a gig at The Rolla Pub, and since he was easily my favourite performer from the weekend, the decision was a pretty easy one. The evening was a lot of fun, as I’m certain every night at The Rolla Pub is, and it even included an impromptu singing saw solo by the MystryCwby himself.

We’re out on the road again catching gravel with our windshield, and I’ll let you know how the first few shows went very soon. I’m sure you’re dying to know.

Godspeed indeed.


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