Twin Cans #drtynflrty Tour – Chapter 2 – My song “Summer Storm” becomes a harsh reality.

Aloha from the sweltering town of Fernie. The Twin Cans tour continues to roll down the highway, venturing from one town to the next. Here’s how we’ve filled the days:

-We had a show at the Wild Earth Bakery & Cafe in Edmonton, and as it turns out there are actually two locations of that establishment in the city, and guess which one we drove to first? If you guessed “the wrong one”, then I’m sort of mad at you for thinking we’re incompetent, but also…’re right. So, we got back in the van and despite iPhone trying once again to thwart our musical plans, we finally made it to the venue after making a bevy of wrong turns. The show was great and the owners loaded us up with baked goods for the road. Afterward, we headed out to meet up with friends Picture The Ocean and new friend Scott Cook at the famous establishment Blues On Whyte, and we downed a few rounds of Burt Reynolds. I’m not sure what’s in that drink, but my moustache is looking a lot more lustrous after imbibing a couple. Oh, and there was street meat.

-Next up on the itinerary was Red Deer, a city we had a lot of fun in last year. Our new friend and male model Charlie Jacobson was kind enough to have parents that are kind enough to let us crash at their place, so we saved out on a costly hotel night. Thanks to Bruce and Theresa! We went out to a Red Deer Centennial event because to be honest, we heard they had free food. Despite my tapeworm telling me to eat a half-dozen of the free smokies that were available, I stayed strong and capped it off at two. That night we played a show at the cozy Velvet Olive, and afterward had a great jam back at the Jacobson studio with new friends Benjamin Button and Maya Rudolph.

-The following day we packed up and made our way to a tiny town that no one has ever heard of, Ferintosh. We played there last year, and when I asked a resident what the population of the town was, he said “200 if you count the cats and dogs”. Yeah, it’s minuscule. The girls had somehow lured Charlie to come join us for the gig, so he played an opening set before we went on. His set was one of those ones that is so good, that you don’t want to play after him, you just want to go hide in a dark cellar and rethink your life. The kid is good. Big thanks to Darlene and Stan at the pub there for being amazing hosts once again.

-We loaded up again and headed in the direction of Kanye’s new baby (North West) into the rockies and the beautiful town of Jasper. We were playing at another Olive venue, The Olive Bistro owned by the wonderful Daryl and Steph. They are truly great hosts and put us up in the hotel upstairs, which kept us from begging for beds. About 15 minutes before our show was about to begin, there was some inclement weather and sure enough, just as my song “Summer Storm” foretells, the power went out. We love to play acoustically anyway, so we soldiered on and had a lot of fun performing for the candlelit restaurant.

-The next day we spent in the van, making our way down to Fernie for a few days of R&R. Nothing notable happened. That is all.

Next up is a stretch of shows in the Kootenays – Nelson, Creston, and Winlaw to be specific. Hope to see some friendly faces out there. Godspeed y’all.


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