Twin Cans #drtynflrty Tour – Chapter 3 – ‘Paradise Found’ in the Kootenays


It’s Mitch “Lanky Fuck” Vinet here (the girls gave me that really nice nickname) reporting live from Salmon Arm. Here’s all the terribly exciting things that have happened to us since the last update:

-While in Fernie we partook in one of our favourite activites: Thrifting. Although I don’t often find clothes that fit me well (due to the aforementioned lankiness), I did manage to find two of the best albums of all-time, Much Dance 2000, and the slightly better Much Dance 2001. I never really realized how filthy the song “Get Down” by B4-4 is, but that shit is straight up raunchy. The upbeat pop music of the millenium era was exactly what I needed to pull me out of a deep depression caused by reading The Grapes Of Wrath. Steinbeck: I love you but you’re bringing me down.

-After a few days in Fernie we loaded up the van and took off up the mountain pass to my old stompin’ grounds of Nelson. There were several tearful reunions with school chums, and we got to hang out with the sexcellent band Tofu Stravinsky. If there’s a better looking band in Western Canada, I haven’t met/stalked them yet. We were joined by the startlingly handsome Charlie Jacobson again and played a morning show at The Cottonwood Market, and just like last year we had a blast and were given delicious treats from the vendors there, including a seemingly bottomless bag of fresh cherries that amazingly haven’t given anyone the skitters yet.

-Immediately following the Nelson show, we abducted Charlie and forced him to listen to Much Dance Mixes in our van on the way to Creston for a show at the wonderful Snoring Sasquatch. This venue is really quite something. The decor, ambience, and attentive audience all make it feel like a house concert, which is really the best way to see some music. The owners Paul and Shelli really know how to treat a band, with Paul ripping across the border hours before the show to pick up some delicious IPA’s to share with the official Beer Snob of Twin Cans: Me.

-On Sunday we said goodbye to Charlie (although I have a feeling our paths will cross again…) and climbed the pass again heading back into Nellytown. We bummed around down on Baker St for awhile, hung out with local legends Patty Pants and Shredward, and then made our way out to Winlaw for a show at the Cedar Creek Cafe. Despite both the girls nearly sharting themselves on stage due to 7-11 sandwich induced sickness, we had a great show and were pleasantly surprised when several carloads of Nelson friends showed up. It was a bit of a mini-reunion for Selkirk music students, and there was only one solfege joke made. After the show we were fortunate enough to stay at an amazing B&B called Arica Gardens. If you’re ever in the Kootenays looking for a place to stay, go see Jane and you’ll be amazing at the idyllic country outpost she has. We felt like we were in paradise.

We’re now in Salmon Arm, where I’m currently basking in the sun, and the shame of becoming a familial pariah for missing my Grandma’s 90th birthday over the weekend. There’s a lot of empties here, so I’m guessing the party was a huge success and that Grandma was shotgunning beers into the early morning hours.

Next up is a house concert in Vancouver, a show in Victoria, and then the reason why we’re doing this tour: Playing at Vancouver Island Music Fest on July 12-14. Godspeed.


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