Twin Cans #drtynflrty Tour – Chapter 4 – Prelude to a Festival


The Twin Cans train continues to chug on down the line, and I know it’s been a long time since I’ve graced you with an update, but I’ve been too busy having the time of my life to bother with updating. Here’s the dirt:

-We had a couple days off in Salmon Arm, so we did what most people do there and went to the beach. Naomi taught me that there’s a product that you can put on yourself in order to expedite your tanning, but since Lindsay and I closely resemble relatives of Powder we opted to just stick with the 60 SPF and not burn ourselves to a crisp.

-We moseyed on down to Vancouver where we played a house concert to a fantastic audience. When people are really paying attention to the music, it elevates the whole experience to the next level and even the barking dogs couldn’t take away from the magic of the evening. Big thanks to Alison and Ken for hosting our rag-tag crew. Later that night we got to stay with superfriend and supermusician Adam. There was a shortage of beds, so we had to improvise and make a “Pilllow-Bed”, and the creation was carefully documented here.

-Next up was a trip to one of my many hometowns, Victoria. We played at the Solstice Cafe again, and although the turnout wasn’t enormous we had a great time. Afterward we had a bit of a party upstairs with our host Meg, and I ogled one of the most badass collections of vinyl I’ve seen in a long time. And no, I’m not talking about a closet full of kinky fetish-wear, I’m talking about records.

Subsequently we headed up island to fulfill a dream and play the Vancouver Island Music Festival. I was gonna include details on that in this post, but it’s really deserving of its own post, so I’ll get that up within the next few days. Tall Cans out.

Godspeed indeed.


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