Twin Cans #drtynflrty Tour – Chapter 6 – Getting Your Bucket Filled

Greetings from Fort St John,

The end of a tour feels similar to the morning after a big party; You’re tired, there’s a mess around you, you met some great people, you’re wondering what the hell happened, and you may or may not be covered in vomit. It’s a big comedown, and getting back to “real life” can be a challenge. Here’s how the tail end of the Twin Cans tour went:

-After the Vancouver Island Music Fest we had a few days off to spend in the Comox Valley, so we did what comes naturally: Mostly nothing. There was a successful thrifting mission where Lindsay bought an 80’s-tastic jumpsuit that makes her look like an escaped mental patient or convict or both, and I got a extremely tasteful shirt that features many tropical fish, so I’ll definitely blend in with all the fun-loving old men at future festivals. The girls of Twin Peaks also had one of their first “Getting recognized in public and asked for autograph moments” too, so that was special.

-We headed down island to meet up with the legendary Longevity John in Duncan. John was running around town (actually, he rides a scooter which is hilarious to see) organizing multiple stages for Duncan’s “39 Days of July” festival, and yes, he knows that July doesn’t have 39 days but he also doesn’t abide by most of your societal norms. Over two days we played twice on the outdoor stage and once inside at the Duncan Garage Showroom. This show was a lot better than the last one, mostly because all of my musical equipment didn’t stage a coup like last time when shit really hit the fan. During our time in Duncan, we stayed with our sometimes percussionist Mitch’s parents, and they showed us a delightful new drink called the “Beergarita” that is sure to induce all sorts of tummy-shame. Any drink where you can’t taste the tequila should probably be avoided.

– Apres-Duncan we voyaged back up island to Courtenay, where we were joined by one half of The Cumberland Brothers for some late-night sloppy bluegrass jams and general shenanigans. We’ve been listening to the Cumberland Brothers “Gamey E.P.” for a little bit now, and I honestly can’t remember the last time I was this jazzed on a group. Check them out if you are able. We played the last show of the tour in Courtenay at the Rewind Coffee Bar in Tintown, and just like the last time we played there, it was beautiful. Thanks so much to Tarah for having us back.

-With all the shows done, there was nothing left to do but get our butts back up to Fort St John. We made a stop off at one of our favourite tour destinations, The Beachlot on the shores of the Okanagan. I’ve decided to start calling this place “Never-Never Land” because it seems that nobody ages there….or at least nobody acts their age. Fun times like usual. We made another stop off in Prince George for a relaxing evening with my relatives, and the next day we limped our ’99 Astrovan back to Fort St John.

-Although it wasn’t technically part of the tour, when we got back up to FSJ we opened a show for the Steve Brockley Band, which is something I’d wanted to do for a great while. In fact, it was the whole reason I trekked northerly after the tour was over, and I was not disappointed. The trio absolutely killed it, and we were fortunate enough to get to have some late night jams with them where a denim vest made an appearance.


When we were out in the sticks in Northern Alberta, we were given some sage words of wisdom by an exceedingly bright 5 year old. I’ll paraphrase here, but he told us that “a good friend always fills your bucket, and never takes anything out of it”. It became a bit of a catchphrase for us, and goddamn it if our buckets weren’t overflowing by the end of the tour. I’ve got a few tours under my belt now, but I’m still consistently amazed by the kindness afforded to us by friends, relatives, venue owners, and complete strangers. I’m seriously moved and dumbfounded by it all. Thanks to everyone who filled our buckets, and I hope we’ll see you all again sometime real soon.



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