Tour de Fun VI (The one where we finish touring and go “home”)

Holy neglected blog. I guess I took on too much of the laidback Saltspring Island vibe and forgot about technology for a little over a week. So before some concerned citizen calls the Ministry of Bloggage and demands that my neglected blog is placed in the stewardship of the state, I will now provide you with the final update from the Twin Cans Tour de Fun 2013.

-The show on Saltspring Island was amazing. We played at a 40th birthday house party for our host, Richard, who partied so hard we all thought he was only 38. I’d like to say that we thoroughly explored the island during our day off after the night of the show, but in truth we all spent most of the day recuperating from drinking litre upon litre of what was dubbed “Fruity Boozy Punch”. I personally call it “Concentrated Headache Fuel”, and I think Naomi calls it “Vision Doubler”. Our host’s better half Mel operates a preserves business called Simply Salty that you should check out if you’re ever over on the island.

-Our show in Nanaimo was cancelled, so we had a couple of days off to vegetate temporarily. We headed down to Victoria, where the girls got their ‘hurr did’ (for the ebonically-challenged, that means haircuts), and we prepped for our house concert at Naomi’s cousin Zoe’s place. The turnout to the house concert was less than overwhelming, but I’d like to think that a good time was had by all, and I’m especially grateful that some of our audience members downloaded an applause app that made us all feel like we were playing to a woodstock-sized crowd.

– After Victoria we scooted up island to catch the ferry over to the idyllic Quadra Island. En route we stopped off in Courtenay where I picked up my guitar, thus ending the “Guitar Woes Tour of 2013”, and not a moment too soon. On Quadra, we played and stayed at the Heriot Bay Inn, and it’s hard to imagine a more perfect island getaway destination. The show was a lot of fun, as was sunning and alcoholizing our bodies the next day.

– After Quadra we caught the boat back over to the bigger island and headed to the Rewind Coffeebar for our last official show of the tour. And what a show it was – We shared the night with the wonderful Brodie Dawson, and joined her onstage for a couple of her tunes too.

-We then made our way to Kelowna to do some more recording for the next Twin Peaks album, and played a super fun informal campfire show on the shores of Okanagan Lake with Barry Mathers’ new band (who are as of yet unnamed, but hopefully you’ll hear them and know their name soon).

After that, there was really nothing left to do but get our butts back up north to Fort St John, where I’ll be an honorary resident for the next 3 weeks. I’ve been assured that it’s impossible to leave this town once you stay here for a while, mostly due to the relative affluence, so wish me luck on my escape.

To fill the time before the next tour starts in late June, I’ll be playing the Strawberry Jam on June 4th, Twin Peaks will be opening for Picture The Ocean on June 7, we’ll be playing out at Sweetwater 905, and probably doing some additional musicking elsewhere too. Check out the “Shows” tab on my website for the next leg of the tour.


Tour de Fun Update V (The one where I “accidentally” wreck part of the van, and discover my long-lost twin)

Here’s a recap of our recent hijinx, during which I’ll tally the scores of our daily trials:

-The show in Vancouver at Raw Canvas went really well, and I only suffered minor conniptions while driving through the downtown core, so that’s a personal victory. We made it out of Vancouver with all of our instruments and limbs, so I’m no longer afraid of the big city. Yokels: 1  Vancouver: 0 

-We rode the big overpriced boat over to Victoria, and only had to wait a mere 15 minutes to board, which on a long weekend I’m pretty sure can only be achieved through some sort of Wiccan-style dark sorcery. Twin Cans: 1  BC Ferries: $100

-Our show in Victoria at Solstice Cafe was especially fantastic as we were joined by world-class percussionist/cajonist and the extremely tastefully named Mitch Guindon. When the other Mitch and I met, we shared a moment about how terrible it was to play the Name Game in grade 1 due to our name rhyming with a female dog. It went something like this. After the show we shared a quick beverage with the proprietors of the cafe, and they showed us the magic of a good Jamaican patois. Fun times. Twin Cans: ❤   Solstice Cafe: A billionty thousand

-Yesterday as we were leaving Victoria to head up to Duncan, I “accidentally” mangled the driver’s side mirror on our trusty van, Samuel L. Vanson. I think this is the first time I’ve had a vehicular mishap since I was about 16, so the shame I’m currently feeling is very real and palpable.  Tall Cans: 0     ’99 Chev Astrovan: -1 mirror

-In Duncan we played at the magical Duncan Garage Showroom, operated by the larger than life living legend Longevity John. This is a really interesting venue, and should you find yourself anywhere on Vancouver Island, you should really make the effort to stop in for a show. I broke a string within the first few strums of my first song, and so the “Guitar Woes Tour of 2013” continues. Oh well, the crowd were really great and supportive, so I didn’t have to breakdown and weep loudly whilst violently rocking back and forth. Also, Longevity John gave us all Nose Whistles, which I’m sure won’t get annoying any time soon…   Shitty Guitars: 1   Tall Cans: FML

-I mentioned way way way back on the first tour update that I’ve been experiencing some difficulty with one of my ears making a rattling noise, and I’m sure you’re all in desperate need of closure on the anecdote, so here goes. A while back I ventured to a walk-in clinic to sort it out, and was disappointed to learn that it wasn’t a gigantic ball of wax, or a nest of spiders, but instead some sort of fluid in my crustacean tubes. At least I think that’s what they’re called. I have my own theory that it’s actually the remnants of my twin that I absorbed in utero, and it’s just a piece of skin with a tooth and an eyebrow rolling around in there. Yeah, that’s probably it.   Tall Cans: 0     Ear Troubles: Yep

We’re off to Saltspring Island now, and if we like it we might not ever come back.




Tour de Fun Update IV (The one where we do more stuff, and things too)

Happy Wednesday (at least I feel like it’s Wednesday), 

I’m sitting here in a city that boasts the best drinking water in the world, and a pretty rad band named themselves after it too. If you guessed that I’m in Skookumchuck…’re wrong. I’m in Chilliwack. Here’s some more point form updates to keep you in loop:

-We played a show in Kamloops at an awesome venue called The Art We Are. Unfortunately, the performance was partially impaired by a table full of Chatty Kathy’s. Now, if you’re out at a show and everyone else is being quiet and enjoying the music, then maybe you should join the club. Sorry if that came off as overly bitchy. We still had fun there.

-Our show in Chilliwack was cancelled, but there’s always a silver lining. In this case it was that the cancellation allowed us to spend a few days in Kelowna, staying in a camper on the shores on Okanagan Lake. Pretty sweet. We also got to spend some time laying down some tracks for the upcoming Twin Peaks album, which will probably be called “God, we wish Mitch was in the band”.

-The recording was done with a great musician and friend, Barry Mathers. I’m hoping Barry will adopt me, because he has the sweetest guitar I’ve ever played in my life and I want it to be bequeathed to me. If the adoption thing doesn’t work out, I might have to marry into the family…

-We spent yesterday doing a video and photo shoot with the fantastic Chilliwack based photographer/videographer Sarah Sovereign. Hopefully we’ll be able to share the videos and photos with you soon, and then you can all see why people are constantly mistaking me for Ryan Gosling.

The next show is in Vancouver tomorrow night, and we’re hoping that us small town yokels make it out of the big city unscathed and with all our van windows intact. Wish us luck.



Check out my film score for the short Bioshock based film “The Brothers Rapture”.

Good eve,

I’m gonna take a little break from my tour updates to talk about something even more exciting (if that’s even possible). As I mentioned in my blog almost half a year ago now, I scored a short film called “The Brothers Rapture”, which is set in the Bioshock universe. When I scored the film, I hadn’t yet played the video game, so a few things didn’t make sense to me at the time, like “What is ADAM?”, “Who is Andrew Ryan?” and “Why do I care?”  But now, I’ve played the game (and loved it), and it only made me love the short film even more.

The film has now been released, and I’m really happy to see that it’s being received quite well. WATCH IT HERE!!!!

If you’re really tickled pink by the film, and especially the score, you can download the music here:

This film truly is a labour of love, and that’s why it’s so great to see people so excited to get another glimpse at the city of Rapture. I hope you enjoy it.




Tour de Fun Update III (in which I incessantly mock Twin Peaks)

Good day,

Since the last update, we’ve played 5 shows and all have been interesting in their own way. A common theme we’re coming across is people doing what they love, and succeeding at living their dreams. Pretty inspiring stuff. Here’s some recaps from the week:

-We played a house concert in Sunnybrae, which was one of our favourite stops from last year, and this year didn’t disappoint either. We had another great crowd, we played great, and we got to do a CD swap with Mike and Steph from the fantastic band A Million Dollars In Pennies. Check them out for sure.

-The next night we found ourselves in Armstrong, playing an awesome new venue called The Wild Oak Cafe. If you ever find yourself in the North Okanagan/Shuswap, do yourself a favour and stop in for some great food and ambience.

-The next two nights we revisited another favourite stop from last year, The Blue Loon in beautiful Clearwater. We actually did something moderately active there too – an 8km hike to Helmcken Falls in Wells Grey park. Our second show was marred by a guitar that was acting up, which sent me into a slight rage spiral. I’m better now. The next day I was awakened by a wasp stinging me, so that’s the best wake up of the tour so far.

-Last night we were in Enderby, playing at The Cliffs Bistro. Just upstairs from the venue is a sweet little shop of art, knick-knacks, funky clothes, and general curiosities. It’s called Imaginarium Penthouse Boutique, and you should definitely go treasure hunting there if you’re in the area.

Ok, as promised, here’s the part where I make fun of my tour mates, Twin Peaks. It’s all in good fun, and they’ve said that they won’t hate me for posting this. The girls recently won a Vancouver Island Music Award for BC Wide Artist Of The Year, and subsequently did an interview with a newspaper that yielded a few humourous soundbites. So one night during our typical evening chit-chat session, I whipped up a few memes using some of the quotes. Here they are for your viewing pleasure:

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Oh, we have fun.



Tour de Fun Tour Update II (that’s not eleven.)

Aloha from sunny Salmon Arm.

Since the last post we’ve played shows in Rolla, Prince George, and Vernon, and all have gone swimmingly. Here’s some notes:

-We had great turnouts at the Rolla Pub and at Nancy-O’s in PG (which is a great venue that you should check out if you can), and we had an especially intimate show in Vernon playing to the 4 or so superfans who showed.

-The new tour mobile, a ’99 Astro Van named Samuel L. Vanson (I know, it’s not a very good name) has performed admirably thus far. There’s been a couple of long days driving and he hasn’t put up a fuss. I’m working on coming up with a better name but the girls seem resistant to the idea.

-Lindsay continues to irritate all by narrating her web browsing on her iPad so that we can follow along with her enthralling surfing of the internet. “Oh, hmmmm, look at that link on facebook…..hmmmmm, wow. Ok, I’ll click that…”  Just kidding….mostly.

-We’ve all etched out our own role in the Touring Family. It’s been decided that Naomi is the Tour Mom (takes care of business), I’m the troublesome and slightly emo Tour Teenage Son (apparently I can be a downer from time to time), and Lindsay is the Tour Baby. It works.

All in all, we can’t complain. We’ve got some beautiful weather and a busy week of 6 shows coming up. If you want to see some photos of our adventures so far, find Twin Peaks on Facebook and check out the album.

Godspeed until next time.


Tour de Fun 2013 Update I (That’s Roman for “one”)

Ahoy ‘hoy from cold and snowy Fort St John,

Well, we’re at it again. The gals of Twin Peaks and I have been reunited and it feels so good. I arrived here about a week ago, and was met at the airport by the unofficial Tall Cans Fan Club (hereafter referred to as the TeeSeeEffSee). Their membership may be small but their spirit is enormous.

We had a few of our typical informal practices,  a warm-up gig at a senior’s residence, and then we rocked the heck out of the sold out Lido Theatre. At the time of the show I was feeling pretty miserable with what I had dubbed a “hangover of teenage proportions”, but the show was a smashing success, so thank you to all who came out. Point of interest: I wasn’t just hungover, turns out I had contracted a nasty stomach flu at some point, and that coupled with the hangover made my guts feel really special. I’ve since spent the past 3 or 4 days recuperating on the couch, surviving on gatorade and soda crackers.

That’s out of the way now though, and the gals and I are ready to hit the road to Rolla tonight, where we’ll be playing our first out of town show of the tour. The Rolla Pub is a national treasure, and I’m ecstatic to be visiting it again.

Future tour goals include but are not limited to:

1. Somehow dislodging the song “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from my brain. If you clicked that link, it’s now in your head too. Sucker.

2. Finding time to visit a walk-in clinic to get my ears flushed. Something has been rattling around in one of them for a while now. I’m hoping it’s a nest of spider eggs or something equally noteworthy.

3. Spending those long hours in the van learning to sing the entire West Side Story soundtrack in a Tuvan Throat Singing style. Sorry in advance to the Twin Peaks gals.

After Rolla, we’re off to Prince George, Vernon, and Salmon Arm/Sunnybrae. Hope to see some friendly faces along the way.